Tips to Make the Most of Your Tree

Making the most of your trees is easy, and all you need to do is follow a few tips.
The most important tip is that you put safety first. Tree removals should always be handled by professionals because we have the proper equipment and know the safety techniques that will get the job completed free of injury or property damage. Here are few more tips to help you have the healthiest and most attractive trees.

#1  Prune your trees every 2 - 4  years to maintain thier health.  It's important to prune your trees when they are young to achieve the desired stucture of the tree before it matures.  Mature trees don't heal as well as  young trees so its important to "train" them while they are young.  Pruning mature trees should be performed in the fall or winter when they are dormant. 

#2 Promptly have dead limbs or trees removed because they are very dangerous.  Removing trees that have have been dead for several years or more will be much more expensive to remove because no longer stucturally sound.

#3  Feed your trees!  Feeding your lawn does very little to your trees.  Trees require the breakdown of the leaves it loses every year to replenish the soil nutrients, but those leaves are generally removed every fall to keep properties clean.  Trees need to be fed 4 to 8 inches blow ground and from 3 feet of the trunk all the way out to the drip line of the crown.

Of course, if you want to get the best results and protect your home and yourself during the tree removal and care process, let the pros get the job done for you!